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We at Mentally Minded believe in the importance of accessible and reliable mental health information. We aim to provide clear and trustworthy answers to your mental health questions.


We aim to respect all members of our community, and all questions that may arise. No offensive behavior will be tolerated on our platform. We aim to foster and build an inclusive community, welcoming and encouraging participation from all groups. Lastly, we promise complete honesty and transparency in our process. For each question, we:

  1. Ensure anonymity of the community member

  2. Research relevant literature and interview unbiased experts in the field

  3. Collect and process findings into an accessible written format

  4. Publish the answer on our website and social media platforms

At no point do we collect or store any personal information. We are not mental health professionals, and should not be consulted as such. We aim to provide empowerment through knowledge, and recognize that answers may change as the research evolves.

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